Beginen beginnen innen/ Beguine beginnen vanbinnen


Dreisprachige Dokumentation, 52 Minuten



Beguines were meddlesome, wilful, men-less and mostly religious women.
Beguines have died out
Their sisterhood is a thing of the past.

But is it?

The EXPO 2000 saw the renaissance of this independent lifestyle through a new beguinage in Bremen, Germany. The idea has since spread all over the country and beyond its borders.

Our documentary follows a busload of lively women of different beguinages on their quest for their roots in Flanders, where the story of the beguines began 800 years ago. A story of self-determination and without male rules: the first women’s movement the world has ever seen



Authors: Ute Mügge-Lauterbach + Joachim Kurz
Director: Lotte Stoops
Producer: Ellen de Waele – Serendipity Films – Belgium
Funded by: Media Desk Vlanderen
VAF – Vlaamse Film Fund